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Car Care
Taking care of your car means loving yourself!
Car body care
Washing is very important. You need to wash your car regularly, paying particular attention to invisible parts such as underbody and wheel arches. Under the influence of sunlight, snow and rain and improper washing, the paint of the body inevitably fades, small pebbles cause scratches.
In this case, polishing will create a protective layer and give the coating a luster, as if you had a new car. It will allow to smooth or completely remove small scratches and scuffs.
Interior care
The main task of taking care of the salon is to maintain its attractive and aesthetic appearance.
The purpose of dry cleaning is to remove visible impurities and refresh the look. A comprehensive dry cleaning service copes with this task by cleaning all hard-to-reach spots and updating the surfaces of the cabin, ceiling and seats, regardless of what material they are made of.  We use special detergents and fragrances that are safe for humans and do not cause allergic reactions.
Engine Bay care
The engine compartment is rarely washed, because car holders are usually afraid to fill in the electrics.  But if you wash it right, you don’t need to be afraid.
Maintenance of the engine compartment does not end with just cleaning.  We recommend applying a protective coating that will restore the factory color of plastic and rubber, as well as protect them from drying out.
Wheels care
Wheel and tire washing is a cosmetic procedure.  But this is only at first glance.  Dirt adhering to the inside of the disc leads to wheel imbalance and can impair car handling.  Protective treatment for rubber is as important as for metal parts of the wheel.
Regular care of the wheels of the car helps not only to maintain an attractive appearance of the car, but also improves driving safety, improves handling, and also extends the life of rims and tires. 
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