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Wiechers Sport
Originally established in a garage nearby Nienburg, Germany in 1969, WIECHERS kept growing constantly under the lead of company founder Hans-Dieter Wiechers.
Resulting from that growth the company relocated several times until finally moving into the current premises (5600m²) in the year 2000.
Wolfgang Kruse took over as owner in 2009. He focused on preparing the company for the future establishing state of the art CAD software and digital measuring devices.
WIECHERS is inseparably connected with motorsports ever since we built our first roll-cage for a BMW Type 02 in 1969.
Nowadays the company is certified according to ISO9001:2008 and an officially recognized manufacturer of roll-cages meeting DMSB / FIA requirements.
As a long time participant in the FIA WTCC Championship we do have the necessary expertise to build up race-cars from scratch.

Manufacturer: Wiechers GmbH (Germany)
Tallinn, Estonia
Celluar: +372 55 11 797
E-mail: info[-at-]
Sales department
Madara 33/1, Tallinn
10613, Estonia
Phone: +372 555 71 666
E-mail: sales[-at-]
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