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1. G-Max Sari voolikud


825 Sari

Goodridge brand new G-Max hose is another first for Goodridge and our industry. Constructed with 100% PTFE single core and polyester braid G-Max hose is 40% lighter than rubber core hose. Combined with up to 10% larger ID, and 20% more flow potential than rubber hose G-Max is the choice for you when the ultimate performance is demanded from a limited budget. G-Max is compatible with all fuels, including methanol, alcohol and E-85 with no vapour loss, and can be used with our newly developed 711 crimp style fittings and our exclusive patented 811 reusable fittings. Factory assembled or self-assembled, G-Max hose is set to revolutionise the motorsport world. G-Max hose is for use in non-vacuum applications.
Kood Sise-
Kaal Painde-
mm mm Bar Bar Kg/m mm
825-06 9.93 13.34 34 104 0.100 50
825-08 13.46 17.15 32 98 0.140 76
825-10 16.51 20.98 28 88 0.204 101
825-12 19.69 23.98 21 65 0.236 126

Application: Fuel, Oil, Water, Methanol, Air;
Material/Construction: Anti-Static, PTFE smoothbore, polyester fibre braid.
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