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1. Halogen bulbs


 Night-Tech 3600K

The Night-Tech line of high output replacement bulbs from PIAA features several advancements in performance, durability, and manufacturing. Through the use of a unique mix of gasses including a higher proportion of inert gasses as well as a new filament material these bulbs offer up to 90% more light than a conventional bulbs. The gasses, filament material, and coatings on the bulbs offer a color temperature in the 3600 Kelvin range for a whiter output than standard bulbs. The unique dual band bulb coatings not only create a whiter light but a brighter, longer range (up to 35 meters) output when compared to other replacement bulbs.

They are all E-Marked and road legal.

Code: HE-820

Code: HE-821

Code: HE-822

Code: HE-823

Code: HE-824

Code: HE-825

 Xtreme White Plus 4000K

Xtreme White Plus is PIAA's best-selling technology. These bulbs will provide a brilliant Xtreme cool white light that will light up road hazards and street signs long before a normal halogen bulb. Xtreme White Plus bulbs are engineered for sustained performance in applications where a high level of vibration and moisture protection is required.

Xtra Technology
PIAA bulbs are engineered with XTRA Technology for greater performance per watt compared to the competition. XTRA Technology is achieved when a proprietary gas mixture is combined with an aerospace alloy filament that produces greater light output than its rated power consumption: i.e. 55W = 110W.
  • Performance - Xtra technology produces better color contrast and depth perception allowing drivers to see farther.
  • Quality – Manufactured to DOT Specifications and backed by a one-year warranty.
  • Technical - One-piece filament and heat-resistant quartz glass ensures dependable, consistent performance.
  • Style – Xtreme white color output with crisp illumination for the HID look.

They are all E-Marked and road legal.

Code: H-249E

Code: H-253E

Code: H-255E

Code: HE-305

Code: HE-307
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