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3. Injector & Plugs


 Iridium Racing Plugs

Using the 0.8 mm dia. iridium center electrode, Blitz Racing Plugs displays superb ignitability and low required voltage, drawing out better performance from your car increased acceleration, response, operational stability, and lower fuel consumption. On the circuit, the sharp acceleration and rapid response will help you win.
Improved Acceleration
Unbeatable acceleration performance on the circuit. With a fine, 0.8 mm diameter center electrode, Blitz Racing plugs are the realization of superb ignition performance and spark voltage at unparalleled levels. Misfires have been controlled and will allow you to have steadily high levels of response and increased acceleration.
Improved Horsepower
More power with an ideal combustion cycle. Through superb ignition performance and spark voltage, non-firingand misfires under a variety of conditions has been greatly reduced. As a result, combustion conditions have improveddramatically, increasing engine output.
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