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4. Horns

 A loud, attention getting horn is one of your most important safety devices. Make sure people notice you with these 115db horns from PIAA.
 PIAA Sport Horns fits neatly into its existing product line-up, providing owners with a further opportunity to enhance their cars original manufacturer equipment. Easily fitted, the PIAA Sport Horns comes as a kit which includes two units and fitting instructions. Installation is straightforward, with no wiring harness required, the horns connected direct to the cars original power supply. Horns also come with a mounting bracket and weather resistant casing, these slender horns are compact in size and super-light weight.
 Besides its predominant feature (volume!).


 Sports Horn (HO-2)

 Resonant echo from the high-class sport cars! This is only possible with this all weather compatible horn in its water guard and the sand guard, tolerant with the water and dust and durable to keep the consistent sound. Strong and tough ABS resin are used for the body with the effect of the rust resistant black chromate. Designed in ultra thin shape, it can be attached on any kinds of cars.
  • Dual Tone 400Hz/500Hz;
  • Powerfull 112db;
  • Weather Resistant Cover.

 Euro Sports Horn (HO-8E)

 Resounding tone that is perfect for luxurious sports cars. All weather horn with water guard sound cover featuring high resistance to water and dirt. High durability ensures superior quality of sound remains the same. ABS resin which is tough and highly durable has been adopted for the body. Super thin design enables installation on almost any car.
  • Dual Tone 500Hz/600Hz;
  • Powerfull 115db;
  • Weather Resistant Cover.

 Superior Bass Horn (HO-9)

 The depth of sound of this new “330 Hz” horn far exceeds the popular “PIAA Sports Horn.” The 330Hz combines the dignified depth of sound that swept the world with the tone and quality of a 400Hz horn, achieving a refined serene sound with plenty of depth!
  • Dual Tone 330Hz/400Hz;
  • Powerfull 112db.

 Slender Horn Auto/Moto (HO-12)

 The “Slender Horn” represents a lightweight horn that is the world’s thinnest spiral horn.
It is a new horn with the world’s thinnest body in the popular “400Hz / 500Hz” bass range.
  • Dual Tone 400Hz/500Hz;
  • Powerfull 112dB.
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