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1. Intake System


 LM/LMD Air Filters

The LM/LMD filters are direct replacements for the standard filter, they fit straight into the standard air filter box and improve airflow into the engine whilst still offering high levels of filtration.


 LM Induction Kits

This is the lowest priced of the three types of Blitz Induction kit available but don’t be put off by the cheap price, the filter element is made from a durable, light weight cotton gauze.
Filtration is very good and with it being a dry filter there is no need to re-oil the element when you reach a service interval, you simply through it away and replace it with another (oil from oiled filters can gradually disperse into the air inlet and coat the air flow meter reducing the performance of the vehicle and damaging the air flow meter).
The replacement elements are available in two different colours, Blue (which is supplied with all new kits) and Red.
The LM induction kit comes complete with a tailor made fitting kit for the specific vehicle.


 SUS Power Induction Kits

This is the best selling Blitz filter and is easily recognisable by it’s striking stainless steel mesh design. Often copied but never bettered, the original stainless mesh filter from Blitz years after it’s initial conception on the racetracks of Japan for the Blitz touring car team.
Made from a very fine mesh of SUS304 grade stainless steel it straightens the airflow into the engine reducing aerodynamic tumble, resulting in great power gains and a unique induction sound which identifies it as Blitz filter. The SUS power is also a dry filter and can be cleaned at service intervals with special Blitz foam cleaner.
This filter offers unique stainless steel looks, advanced filtration and airflow capabilities and a lovely distinctive metallic induction rasp.
Each SUS Power induction kit comes complete with a tailor made fitting kit for the specific vehicle.


 Advance Power Induction Kits

Advance Power Induction kits use a stainless steel mesh filter with an aluminum variable cooling shield.
The stainless steel mesh filter enables maximum flow with an agressive induction sound. Large diameter cooling shield keeps air temperatures low by reflecting heat radiation. Racing look is achieved with a buffed alloy shield and anodized blue top ring and locking plates. Large diameter funnel enables high flow efficiency.
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